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Child Allowance (Jido Teate)

Child allowance is provided for families raising children.


Families raising children from age 0 to junior high school

Monthly allowance

  • Age 0–2 : 15,000 yen (per child)
  • Age 3–elementary school student : 10,000 yen (1st, 2nd child)
  • Age 3–elementary school student  : 15,000 yen (3rd child)
  • Junior high school student : 10,000 yen (per child)
  • Families with income exceeding limit : 5,000 yen (per child)


As a rule, the 15th day of June, October, and February each year

Child Medical Expense Subsidy

Support is provided to cover the expense of treating children’s illness and injury. Please present the Child Medical Expense Subsidy Certificate and Health Insurance Card at the medical institution or pharmacy.


Children from age 0 to junior high school living in Omaezaki City and enrolled in health insurance

Out-of-pocket expense

  • Outpatient treatment : 500 yen per visit
  • Inpatient treatment : 500 yen per day