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Resident Registration

Copies of Residence Certificate

Foreign residents may request copies of Residence Certificate.
For families comprising both foreigners and Japanese nationals, copies of Residence Certificate will be issued for all members.

Change of address registration

Foreigners and Japanese nationals alike must submit move-out registration. You will need a Move-out Certificate and your Residence Card to complete move-in registration.
To submit registration, please present either your Residence Card or your Special Permanent Resident Certificate.

Birth registration

Registration must be submitted within 14 days of the birth of a child.

  • Place of registration : Municipal office of permanent address, place of birth, or registrant’s place of residence or resident registration
  • Registrant : Child’s father or mother
  • What to bring
    1. Seal of registrant (signature accepted for foreigner)
    2. Birth Notification (issued by the physician or midwife)
    3. Mother and Child Health Handbook